About safetec


safetec Brandes und Niehoff GmbH was founded in 1995 by Dirk Niehoff and Klaus Brandes. Both partners had experience for several years with design, development and installation of CO2 fire extinguishing systems and cargo hold smoke detection systems.

The coming-up of modern micro controller technology was a challenge for safetec to develop a new concept for cargo hold smoke detection systems which should ensure high reliability, easy and space saving installation in conjunction with competitive prices.

First exhibited on the SMM `94 in Hamburg, the new smoke detection system SDS-2/6 was accepted very quickly by ship-owners, yards and ship suppliers. This was not at least due to safetec`s commitment on excellent service all around the world. The smoke detction system SDS-48 was introduced in 2001 as a successor of the SDS-2/6 system. Meanwhile approximately 6000 smoke detection systems have been installed worldwide.

In 2003 safetec launched the new alarm and control system ACS-1 as a flexible control system for marine fighting systems. The alarm and control system ACS-1 adapts easily to different extinguishing system designs. Due to the flexibility of the system, it serves as an alarm and control system for the different applications like local applikation systems (FWBLAFFS), sprinkler alarm systems, engine room protection systems and fire detection systems.

Following to increasing customer request, safetec extended the ACS-1 system with an electrical CO2 release system in 2006. Since end of 2008, the electrical CO2 release system is available in the second generation under the product name E-CO2.

Type approvals of all major classification societies are available. An experienced development department allows quick adaption to new customer requirements.

Located in Scharnebeck, 60 km south of Hamburg, safetec today has 29 employees working on a production facility of 2000 m².